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About the Cuesta Agaricus Farm

The Cuesta Agaricus farm is a producer specialized in dried mushrooms. Using the best biotechnology available, doing partnerships with Brazilian universities with the goal to keep the know-how necessary and offer to our customer, the finest quality mushroom.

Agaricus blazei "in natura"

Agaricus blazei Dried

Our farm is located in Anhembi city, São Paulo state, Brazil, in a mountainous region without industrial pollution, where there are dense forest and clear water. This is the environment suitable for edible and medicinal fungi to grow healthy.

Cuesta´s farm environment

The process of growing of the Cuesta´s mushrooms is started on a spawn laboratory. Our mushrooms come from a selected genetic stock of spawn and are grown on standardized substrates, in conditions of strict sterility to obtaining the maximum nutritional and medicinal qualities.

The manipulation process after the crop as the industrialization is accomplished in clean environment, by application of good industrial practices for to assure to our products the high patterns of cleanness and purity .

Whether for the health care or dietary supplement use our extract, capsules, powder and whole mushrooms are recommended.

Whether for the industrial use, our whole and powder mushrooms are the finest raw materials available.

We can supply any amount, be for personal consumption or for resale. We have special prices for great amounts.


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